Our Services

Deal Origination

Our firm is skilled in originating and executing new investment opportunities for industrial sponsors and institutional investors.

Our contact base and knowledge of various markets allow us to source new investment opportunities for investors which complement their investment and growth strategies.

Debt Capital Markets

Our Debt Capital Financing offers businesses ways of funding working capital needs using structured products. We offer independent and objective advice and implement optimal debt solution for Corporations, Government, and its agencies. Our products focus on Debt Capital Markets includes:

  • Corporate Bond.
  • Government (State & Municipal) Bond.
  • Medium Term Loans (MTL).
  • Syndicated Loans.
  • Bridge Financing.

Equity Capital Markets

Our Capital Market team combines market insight with deep corporate finance knowledge to develop capital raising solutions for companies around the globe.

We structure and execute equity and equity-linked offerings that align our clients' corporate goals with their financial requirements. We offer solutions such as Initial Public Offerings, Public Offerings, Rights Offerings, Private Placement, Special Placement and more.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our M&A team are versed in preparing M&A strategy that aligns with our clients' visions. The team formulates plans on how to maximise value and guarantee a smooth transaction for the combining entities in an M&A transaction.

We bring our expertise to bear in identifying targets that will be a good cultural fit and also enhance shareholder value in an acquisition transaction. We execute plans that enhance value creation and reduce value destroyers. Our team is knowledgeable in executing due diligence process during consolidation

Restructuring & Recapitalization

Our advisory team provides clients with advice on equity restructuring, capital structures, creditor and investor negotiations & execution.

Our understanding of the debt and equity markets allows us to identify problems and offer solutions whether through alternative debt or equity products, alternative capital structures and other innovative options that maximize value to our clients.

Corporate Finance

We deliver solutions to complex transactions and financial decisions for business enterprises. We carefully manage the formation of all tiers of capital which are customized to each transaction.

The unit evaluates companies’ financial needs and advises on the appropriate type of capital that best fits those needs. We leverage on our thorough knowledge of both local and international capital markets relying on information from our well-equipped Research & Strategy platform as well as Strategic Alliances. We deliver timely and lasting solutions to complex transactions and financial decisions for business enterprises.

The GTI HandHolding® Scheme

HandHolding® is a registered trademark of GTI Capital. It is a full-featured recursive 4-step risk-to-ultra-profit solution designed to quickly position organizations to strong and enduring positive performance. The recursive four steps are:

  • Diagnalytics: Diagnosis of business problem ‘indications’ utilizing strategic tools and business analytics
  • Ideation: Opportunity for asking the right set of questions as well as generating ideas that will resolve problems and challenges identified in the diagnosis phase
  • Finance: Ensuring the sufficiency of funding required the strategic resolutions from the ideation phase
  • Drive [Strategy Execution Management]: Designed for action and driving the entire plan for Performance management is, therefore, a priority requirement for maximum success.

The HandHolding® Scheme deals with the challenges of delivering high performance and surplus income to firms and government ventures. Because of the recursive nature of its 4-step action, it has become highly relevant for powering new business ideas as well as business activities generally, regardless of whether they are doing well and need to do better or are dead.

HandHolding® has the inbuilt mechanism to resurrect a dead business or a dead idea and repackage it to deliver optimal residual income performance. It is also a robustly comprehensive scheme for restructuring, driving and delivering best organizational performance irrespective of whether they be profit or not-for-profit. It is also important to point out that HandHolding® Scheme is also narrowly applicable to a department, a unit, or a segment of an organization.

Other benefits and offerings of the scheme are:

  • The creation of maximum economic value possible to a client given uncontrollable constraints.
  • Highly adaptive applicability of the scheme/tool to varieties of business conditions, scenarios, compartments, and stages.
  • It’s used as a platform for collaborative deployment of competencies in investment banking and management consulting value-chain.
  • The capacity of the tool to evaluate performance, foster innovation and sustain entrepreneurship.